Submitting nominations is easy; you can nominate yourself or write nominee name via email to nominating@asla-sierra.org  Please submit nominations no later than June 14th.

American Society of Landscape Architects - California Sierra Chapter's Call for Nominations: 2019/2020 Chapter Officers

The California Sierra Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects is currently requesting Chapter members to nominate candidates for the 2019/2020 Executive Committee. Administration of the Chapter is vested in the Executive Committee, which is comprised of the six officers, the San Joaquin Section Chair, and the three At-Large Members. The 2019/2020 executive committee will serve from November 2019 to October 2020.

The Executive Committee shall: establish Chapter goals and objectives; adopt Chapter programs and budgets, administer contracts and authorize expenditures; approve proposed amendments to the Chapter Constitution; enact Bylaws and amend existing Bylaws; nominate members for Fellows and Honorary designations as appropriate; issue public statements in the name of the Chapter; establish annual dues; establish Chapter Sections and Standing Committees; support Student Chapter activities; prepare annual reports; approve the slate for annual and special elections.

Below is a description of the offices available:

President- Elect (Full Member Status: three-year commitment)
One of the primary purposes of the office of President-Elect is to provide the opportunity to become familiar with chapter members and their concerns, current chapter programs, budget and operations. The one year term of the President-Elect is also used for planning and transition. By the time the Elect assumes the office of President, he or she should have an annual program, have completed committee appointments, created a budget and an annual calendar. The President presides at Chapter and Executive Committee meetings, represents and acts for the Chapter as directed by the Executive Committee and consistent with the policies of the Society. The full commitment for this office is three years (President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President). When serving as Immediate Past President, the officer typically represents the Chapter as a member of the California Council of Landscape Architects (CCASLA). Attendance at the Chapter Presidents Council (annual meeting and mid-year meeting) and the CCASLA meetings are required. Expenses to attend these meetings are paid by ASLA.

Vice-President (Full Member Status: one-year term)
This Vice President serves as a liaison for the President to the organized committees of the Chapter, monitors the management and administration of Chapter programs and budgets as adopted by the Executive Committee., and serves as Acting President when delegated. He or she also serves as a committee chairperson for at least one program provided by the Chapter.

Treasurer (Full or Associate Member Status: one-year term)
The Treasurer is "custodian of the funds, trustee of the accounts, and keeper of the chapter financial records." Following established procedures and formats, The Treasurer receives and disburses funds as authorized by the Executive Committee and keeps electronic books showing the detailed account of all monies received and paid out. Prepares and presents the year-end financial report and prepares and submits the Chapter’s annual Tax Return, following established formats. The treasurer serves as an ex officio member of the Audit Committee.

Secretary (Full or Associate Member Status: one-year term)
The Secretary has the primary duty of keeping the records of the proceedings of the Chapter and to act as liaison between the other members of the Chapter Executive Committee. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining and updating regularly the Chapter's roster of membership. Additional duties of a Chapter Secretary are evident during the course of meetings where the Secretary may be frequently called upon to: count votes, read recommendations of the Executive Board, excerpts from bylaws, rules of parliamentary procedure and act as parliamentarian for the meetings. For these reasons, the Secretary should become familiar not only with the chapter constitution and bylaws, but also with Robert's Rules of Order. For any formal meetings, the Secretary is responsible for the taking and keeping of the minutes of these meetings.

San Joaquin Section Representative (Full or Associate Member Status: one-year term)
Administration of Chapter Sections is vested in the Section Chair. As the only required officer of the Section, the Chair is responsible for carrying out the following duties: Represent the Section to the Chapter Executive Committee, call and preside over Section business meetings, Create Section Committees, as necessary, and appoint chairs, manage and direct Section programs, activities, and services, implement and ensure Section minimum services, Assure that minutes of all Section business meetings are recorded and a copy submitted to the Chapter Executive Committee, and also serve as a committee chairperson for at least one program provided by the chapter.

At-Large Members (Full or Associate Member Status – THREE persons elected: one-year term)
The At-Large Member represents a cross-section of the Chapter, Chapter Sections, and/or special interest groups and shall participate and act for the Chapter as directed by the President and consistent with the policies of the Society. He or she also serves as a committee chairperson for at least one program provided by the Chapter.

Please submit nominations to via email to: nominating@asla-sierra.org by no later than June 14th.